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Bitter Giants fans react to 23-11 loss to the Eagles


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It's been only a half-hour or so since the Giants were stunned at home by the Eagles 23-11.

That's plenty of time for the Big Blue faithful to share their disgust with the rest of the world. Here's a sampling of Giants' fans reaction from the team's message board.

“The better team won. Period. They smacked us around twice in our own stadium.

Of all the ways to go out, I never thought it would be like this”

“I am crushed. I am bleeding blue right now.”

“this (sic) last few months have been horrible for me. I lose my job, can't find a new one, baby on the way, bills piling up, car is falling apart on me and now the giants are choking against the eagles”

“bring back plax. this team died with him”

“I blame Plaxico for this loss and the previous ones, I mean, since he had those stupid incidents, the team got worse and worse, they (sic) guys seemed a little bit down.”

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