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Blaze near Anderson Cooper's firehouse is taste of irony


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Anderson Cooper got a taste of irony early Thursday morning.

Firefighter swiftly extinguished a blaze in the building next to the historic firehouse the CNN host is renovating in Greenwich Village.

Three engine companies responded to the fire at 86 West 3rd Street, right next to the 104-year-old fire patrol house Cooper coughed up $4.3 million for last year.

Cooper reportedly wasn’t at his converted home at the time.

Even if Cooper’s new digs were still a functioning fire patrol house, the blaze wouldn’t have been put out any sooner, FDNY spokesman Rich Viglione said.

Fire patrol houses were not operated by the FDNY, but by defunct New York Board of Fire Underwriters. Patrol houses primarily responded to fires in commercial structures and were responsible for mitigating fire damage to insured property.

“We were there in three minutes,” Viglione said of the FDNY’s response. “If the patrol house was still operating, it wouldn’t have made a difference; they responded only to commercial properties.

The fire was put out by 4:47 a.m., and there were no injuries.

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