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Bloomberg backs Commissioner Kelly amid calls to resign


kelly Credit: Getty Images

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly -- facing mounting pressure from Muslim groups to resign over a video about Islamic extremism -- shouldn't give up his post, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday.

"Commissioner Kelly should not step down," Bloomberg said at an unrelated news conference, adding, "I have 100% confidence in Ray Kelly."

Hizzoner, however, made clear that the city's top cop must "work at establishing or reestablishing ... the credibility that he does have."

It was reported this week that a documentary called "The Third Jihad," criticized for being inflammatory against Muslims, was shown during police training seminars over three months in 2010. More than 1,480 cops may have seen the flick, which Kelly also appears in.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the video was not shown as part of the training, but played on a loop in a separate room where officers filled out paperwork.

A year ago, Browne said the video was only played a couple of times and didn't believe Kelly was actually interviewed for the film -- both disputed in documents obtained by the Brennan Center for Justice.

Kelly on Wednesday acknowledged his involvement with the film and apologized for its use. The sergeant who played the movie was reprimanded, police said.

But that's not enough for some Muslim groups, including CAIR-NY and the Islamic Circle of North America, who called for Kelly to resign.

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