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Bloomberg: No jail for small amounts of marijuana

The mayor wants cigarettes to be kept out

The mayor wants cigarettes to be kept out of view in stores across the city. Credit: Getty Images

Although he favors not throwing the book at people caught with small amounts of marijuana, Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks young people should just say no to the stuff.

On his weekly Friday radio appearance with WOR's John Gambling, Bloomberg said he knows people are using marijuana but doesn't like that they do.

"The real world -- I, personally, am not in favor of legalizing marijuana or any other drugs. I think it's a dangerous thing. But the reality is that for small amounts of marijuana, there's an awful lot of kids that have it and you're just clogging the jails," Bloomberg said.

The problem is that behind a marijuana stash house, Bloomberg said, might be a gambling ring or a wider drug distribution ring selling powerful substances such as crack or cocaine.

"I am opposed to legalizing marijuana because I think all that will happen is -- number one, it's much more potent than when you and I were teenagers or whatever. And, number two, the drug dealers are going to sell something because they've got to feed their families. And if they can't sell marijuana -- if there's no money in marijuana -- they'll start selling harder stuff. And that's not good," Bloomberg said.

During his State of the City speech Thursday, Bloomberg came out in favor of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's plan to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a violation, instead of a misdemeanor, so that young people don't end up with a criminal record.

Bloomberg also said that in March the NYPD will be issuing desk appearance tickets to people picked up with small amounts of marijuana, instead of jailing them overnight.

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