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Bloomberg's daughter recovers after riding accident


horse Credit: Getty Images

Youngest daughter Georgina was doing “fine” on Monday, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg, after she was thrown from her horse during an equestrian show in upstate New York.

Georgina Bloomberg, 27, was briefly knocked unconscious from the fall at a Syracuse tournament on Friday and was later diagnosed with a concussion. She received an MRI yesterday, her father said, adding that doctors needed to determine whether cracks in her vertebrae were the result of her latest injury.

As a professional show jumper, Georgina has broken her leg, foot, collarbone and back as a result of her riding, Bloomberg said.

This time, “she went flying,” he added, but landed in a way that she doesn’t appear to be severely injured.

“You always worry about it. It’s a dangerous sport,” the mayor told reporters at City Hall.

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