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Bloomberg says Obama needs 'better advisers'


bloom Credit: Getty Images

He may not want to be president in 2012, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg sure has a lot to say about how Barack Obama is handling his job.

Bloomberg urged the president not to “lead from the back” and get “better advisers” in GQ’s December “Men of the Year” issue.??“He campaigns ‘I’m gonna do A,’ and then he doesn’t do it,” Bloomberg said in a lengthy interview. “Now he’s pissed off the supporters and the opponents. You go for it.”

The outspoken mayor didn’t specify campaign promises Obama has reneged on or name advisers who are steering him wrong. But he did bring up the proposed building of a mosque near Ground Zero and how the president seemed to retreat from his initial support.

“If you’re going to stand up for the mosque Friday night, you don't walk away from it Saturday morning,” said Bloomberg, who insists he won’t run for president. According to a poll released earlier this week, Bloomberg has just a 19 percent approval rating nationwide.??While the mayor, who was named GQ’s “Leader of the Year,” says the country must support Obama, the two aren’t exactly confidants. He reportedly called Obama “arrogant,” although when later questioned by reporters, he said he didn’t recall saying it.

The White House had no comment Thursday, when the mayor expanded on his GQ remarks to reporters.

“We can all use better advisers,” he said. “I can use some, too.”

When Bloomberg was asked by reporters about the interview, he added that Obama needs “business people in his close tight circle.”

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