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Bold name suits cake joint



You have to admit that a cafe named the Best Chocolate Cake in the World is one you’d remember.

“I know — it’s controversial,” owner Adriano Lucas said of his NoLiTa and DUMBO eateries’ lofty name. “The name needs to be taken with a smile.”

The origin of the name dates back more than 20 years, when Best Chocolate Cake chef and founder Carlos Braz Lopes opened a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.

The restaurant became known for a flourless chocolate cake, which customers began calling “the best chocolate cake in the world.”

Lopes later opened shops in Lisbon, Spain and Brazil dedicated to the cake, and thanks to Lucas, there are now locations in New York, at 55-A Spring St. (212-343-2253) and at 68 Jay St. in DUMBO (718-246-2253). A third will soon open on Madison Avenue, between 79th and 80th streets.

Though the cafes sell coffee, tea, hot cocoa, sandwiches and savory Portuguese snacks, the menu was built to complement the main attracation — the cake itself.

The signature cake is flourless and super-rich, with layers of chocolate meringue and chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache. There are two versions, a traditional (55 percent cocoa) and a darker one (70 percent cocoa — we liked that one best!). The cake is sold whole ($35/small, $56/large) and in slices ($6.50/piece).

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