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NewsNew York

Bouncer shot dead in Manhattan

Eric Pagan, bouncer at Forbidden City night club

Eric Pagan, bouncer at Forbidden City night club on East 13th St., was shot after a brawl outside the club. Credit: Handout

A bouncer at an East Village lounge was shot to death by a patron he had thrown out yesterday morning, according to New York City police.

The bouncer was believed to have tossed two rowdy men out of Forbidden City, an Asian-themed lounge on Avenue A near East 13th Street, following a fight, a police spokesman said. The bar is one of several in the neighborhood.

At 4:25 a.m., a patron walked to a silver minivan to retrieve a handgun, a police spokesman said. He returned to confront the bouncer and fired at his head, killing him, police said.

A police source identified the bouncer as Eric Pagan, 42, of Manhattan. The police report of the shooting said officers believed the gunman fired additional rounds, striking two bystanders, one in the hand and the other in the neck. Both were taken to Bellevue Hospital Center and were listed in stable condition.

It was not clear how the gunman escaped or if the fight was inside or outside Forbidden City, said a police spokesman. No arrests have been made and the case is under investigation.

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