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Boxer Bernard Hopkins shares tips for staying in shape



On Saturday, the oldest professional boxer to have won a world title, Bernard Hopkins, 48, will step into the ring at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Philly-based fighter's opponent is 31-year-old Tavoris Cloud. The winner takes the IBF Light Heavyweight World Title.

Hopkins shared with amNewYork his tips for staying in shape.

What is your daily fitness routine? When I am training for a fight, I run every morning. Then I go to the boxing gym in the afternoon. I spar two or three times a week with guys of all ages. When not sparring, I have a circuit around the gym that includes the heavy bag, speed bag, hitting the pads and so on. ... I might do some weights and basic exercises like crunches, push-ups and stretching.

And your diet? I follow an extremely strict diet. ... I always have breakfast, which consists of scrambled egg whites, vegetables and a dry pancake. That means no butter or syrup. For lunch and dinner, I eat chicken and/or fish with vegetables, a salad or/and maybe pasta. I don't use sauces or salad dressings. That is where the hidden sugar and salt lies. ... I don't eat anything white like rice, pasta or breads. ... Sugar is not part of my diet either. ... I haven't had a drink since I started boxing over 25 years ago and the last sweet I ate was a piece of cheesecake when I beat Jean Pascal to become the oldest fighter to win a title, and that was in 2011.

What's your advice for staying fit? If you are disciplined enough, it isn't about how old you are, it is about how old you feel, and the more time you spend taking care of yourself, the longer time you have. ... Try to do something every day. I don't care if you walk slowly around the block or jog at a fast pace. ... Just be active and keep trying to be as healthy as possible.

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