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NewsNew York

Brazilian Air Force planes to buzz NY Harbor

Don't be surprised if you look over New York Harbor Thursday morning and see a squadron of airplanes buzzing the Statue of Liberty.

The NYPD said the Brazilian Air Force "Smoke Squadron," sort of a propeller-driven version of the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels, are taking part in a photo op.

The flyover by eight T-27 Tucano turboprop planes and a C-130 turboprop transport escort will take place at about 10 a.m., police said. The team will execute two passes of the Statue of Liberty at about 1,500 feet - and then head to Portsmouth, N.H., for a show.

The airplanes are not armed and do not fly in camoflauge, but rather are painted in the colors of the Brazilian flag - bright green, yellow and blue.

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