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Brooklyn gangs busted after bragging on social networks


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Forty-three members of rival gangs that "terrorized Brownsville" were indicted Thursday on a bevy of charges including murder, conspiracy and robbery, the Brooklyn district attorney's office announced.

Members of the Wave Gang and Hoodstarz, long involved in a turf war, were busted Tuesday and Wednesday during what police called "Operation Tidal Wave."

Officials said that most of the gangs' attacks were aimed at each other, but that occasionally innocent people were injured, including a 9-year-old boy and his father last August.

The defendants range in age from 15 to 21, and some members are still at large.

"The gangs had a longstanding feud over territory, leading to wanton and reckless behavior where kids would shoot at each other because they were in the wrong gang or on the wrong street or in front of the wrong building," said District Attorney Charles Hynes.

The indictments came after a year-long NYPD investigation that ended last December. Officials said online social networks were particularly helpful, as some gang members would brag about the crimes they committed.

The defendants will be arraigned this week.

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