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Bus ads campaign against saggy pants epidemic

Queens bus riders, don’t be shocked if you see patterned boxer shorts greeting you Monday morning.

Buses traveling through Jamaica and Far Rockaway will begin featuring ads today to “Stop the sag,” nudging young men to pull up their droopy pants.

“We are better than this!” the ads read. “Raise your pants, raise your image!”

State senate president Malcolm Smith(D-Queens) sponsored the ads for a few thousand bucks to fight “negative stereotypes of our youth,” with the spots running for a month on 13 buses in his district.

“This sagging pants culture represents an immature disregard for ... basic civility,” said Sen. Eric Adams, (D-Brooklyn).

Adams started the campaign in March with billboards in Brooklyn and with a video that went viral.

Anti-saggy pants crusades sprung up in urban areas several years ago, with laws against them passed or introduced in Trenton, NJ; Atlanta and several cities in Louisiana carrying fines for people wearing them.

The style — which is said to have originated in prisons, where men can’t wear belts to keep their pants up — was made popular in the early 1990s by hip-hop artists and ever since has been donned by celebs and the not-so-famous alike.

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