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Buy your own Ron Paul action figure

Ron Paul action figures

Ron Paul action figures

Ron Paul can be bought -- or at least a 12" figure of him can.

Earlier this week, Revolution PAC unveiled a pair of limited edition action figures of the Republican presidential nominee, and you can have your Paul in one of two talking choices: "Commander-in-Chief" Paul, complete with his own mini-Constitution, and "Super Hero" Paul, sporting spandex and a superhuman physique.

The super PAC has no official connection with Paul, but donates all proceeds to his campaign, according to the website.

For those too old for toys, Ron Paul Swag offers shot glasses reading "Restore America now" and nickel-plated cufflinks featuring the candidate's signature.

"We are always seeking ways to make liberty sexy with our unique mix of apparel and accessories," the website says.

And if Ron Paul isn't your style, President Barack Obama's online store offers an equally unusual array of swag ranging from a cutting board and a grilling spatula to a faux-diamond studded "Michelle 2012" pin and an "I bark for Barack" car magnet featuring the first pup.

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