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Cabbies getting slammed with tickets

Reckless city cab and livery drivers don’t get away with as much as you think.

In fact, they are ticketed at a higher rate than regular drivers, according to the state.
Here’s a look at some 2009 Department of Motor Vehicle data:

Tickets issued to cabbies: 258,785
Tickets issued to all others drivers in the city: 1,049,141

Total cab licenses in the city: 398,856
All other driving license in the city: 2,934,175

Chances of getting a ticket if you a cab driver: 1 to 1.5
Chances of getting a ticket if you are a regular driver: 1 to 2.8

Top reasons cabbies were ticketed:
1. Improper cell phone use: 37,075
2. Disobeying a traffic device: 36,785
3. No driver seatbelt: 21,824
4. Tinted glass: 18,019
5. Operating without insurance: 13,591


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