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Career 180: Doreen Bloch founded a new kind of beauty website



Doreen Bloch is the founder of, a beauty website that allows visitors to answer questions about themselves and enter contests to win free products. Poshly then provides insights to beauty companies. Bloch 25, started off as an analyst on the strategy team for a finance company Second Market, which handles stock trades in private markets. She left in May 2011 and launched Poshly in November of that year. Bloch describes Poshly as a beauty-meets-digital project and boasts that even if members don't win contests, they still receive promo codes and samples. Plus, members are not required to link their social media accounts to Poshly. She lives and primps in the East Village.

Why did you switch careers?

I was really missing art in addition to the mathematical part of my brain. I always had an affinity with it, when I was in college I studied at [University of California at Berkeley], I started a fashion magazine in my freshman year … I just really missed having that exposure to art, trends, beauty, fashion.

Where did you get the idea for Poshly?

It's very much been an evolution … when I started this I thought we were going to be focused on online salon booking … but we ditched that idea very quickly because we saw that there was this bigger opportunity in helping brands better serve their consumers, helping consumers find the right products for them. … I just thought it would be the perfect combination of the things that I love: technology, data and also beauty.

What sets Poshly apart from giveaway sites?

With Poshly, it's open to anyone and everyone, it doesn't matter if you have 1,000 followers on Twitter … we don't even integrate with any social media platform, we almost call it an anti-social platform. Really, for us it's all about getting to know you. … the only thing you do to win products on Poshly is just tell us about you.

What are some pros and cons of your new job?

I love being able to work with the biggest beauty companies on the face of the planet … it's really exciting to get to work with these beauty companies in helping them with empowering decision-making around what's going to be next, what's going to hit shelves in 2016 and 2017 … we also love getting products to consumers, the best new products. I guess the biggest con is just that since we're very much in startup-mode, it's just having to balance different things. … There's a lot of different hats that you wear.

What is your favorite item in your makeup bag?

I'm obsessed right now with Eve Lom products … it's a line of skin care products. With skin care it just leaves your skin so soft, so hydrated. It also feels like this ritual, a way to decompress … especially with New Yorkers, we're going a thousand miles a minute, we're so busy, it's just amazing to take a minute, take five minutes and you're just doing your skin care routine.

Are you happy with your career switch?

I absolutely am so happy with running Poshly, founding this company, it's the best job ever. Even when it's tough … then it's like the moments when you get a call from L'Oréal and they're excited about what you're doing … that's what just makes this so magical. We hit recently over 3 million questions answered by consumers … it just makes the job so worthwhile. I love it.

Do you have any advice for readers who are considering a career 180?

I always recommend to people to go out and talk to people in other departments at your company because when it comes to starting your own company especially, it takes different skill sets. You're going to need people who know how to do different things than you … if you're considering a career 180, especially if you work in finance … get out of your individual department and talk to people in different spaces because that's how big companies get built, is when you partner with people who have complementary skill sets.

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