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Carmelo 'Boosts' image on rare day off

Carmelo Anthony at 33rd Street and Ninth Avenue.

Carmelo Anthony at 33rd Street and Ninth Avenue.

A day after scoring 39 points to help snap a six-game losing skid, Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony spent a rare evening off yesterday launching his first major advertising partnership in New York.

The 26-year-old Anthony, admittedly tired from a hectic schedule since joing the Knicks via trade last month, nevertheless looked sharp in a dark suit as he posed at 33rd Street and Ninth Avenue in front of a Boost Mobile billboard of him performing a crossover dribble.

“This is my first time actually out in the city since I’ve gotten here,” the Brooklyn-born Anthony told reporters. “So to actually come out here after a night like last night, and to top it off with a 128-foot billboard in the middle of everything — you can’t ask for nothing better than that.”

Anthony, whose playoff-chasing Knicks (36-38) host the Nets tonight, spoke with amNewYork as passersby called for his attention.

Is this is a proud moment for you, having your first major endorsement in New York?

Yeah, man. It happened so fast. As soon as I got here, Boost jumped on board and wanted to be a partner. It’s a message they’re trying to get out there, which is: “Be heard” — as you can see standing up there (motions to billboard). Just me coming here and just me having a lot to bring to the city and having a lot to say and wanting to be here — and I think it was a great partnership for me.

Have your New York chops helped you so far being a Knick?

I think just understanding what the whole city is about, New York — a lot of people wouldn’t be able to deal with this. It takes a special type of person — a humble person, but a real straightforward person — to actually come here in the city and embrace a city like this. And for a city like this to embrace you, that means a lot.

You’ve been realistic and level-headed in assessing this season since you got here. How important has that perspective been for you?

Anybody else would have come and just been like, “Man, we’re supposed to win right away.” But you’ve got to be realistic with yourself, because anytime you jump into a situation like this, it’s new to everybody. It’s going to take time. Everybody who’s been successful that had situations similar to this one, it took time. You look at Miami, they started off 7-8 [note: actually 8-7] or something like that. And throughout the season, they had their times where it wasn’t working. Boston did the same thing, [and] L.A., so this, right now, I’m excited about it.

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