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Catching a call: Where you can get cell service underground

(Photo by Andrew Hinderaker)

The MTA may be on its way torig the subways with Wi-Fi, but there’s plenty stations where the savvy straphanger can now get cell service.

In a check of all 277 underground stations in the system, amNewYork found nearly four dozen stations where riders can get at least some service on the platforms — and even in the tunnels in some cases. In some spots, you can just text, but in others you can easily have a full conversation.

Manhattan was the clear winner for service, as its stations tend to closer to street level. Brooklyn, where many of the lines are underground, was the loser. To conduct the exhaustive review, amNewYork used a BlackBerry running on the Sprint or Verizon networks.

Contractors tapped by the MTA have pledged to get Wi-Fi running underground within six years, according to published reports. Straphangers yesterday were ready to trade the annoyance of loud gabbing for the convenience of cell service.

“I don’t think it’ll get irritating. Most people are sort of in their own world on the subway,” said Jasmine Johnson, 27, a Fort Greene rider.

Some of the stations listed below had service all along their platforms, while others had hotspots. The signals typically leak through exits or street grates.
 (with Tim Herrera)


No. 1: 14th Street, 34th Street, Times Square, 59th street, 66th street, 72nd street, 110th street, 116th street, 137th street, 145th street, 157th street, 191st Street
No. 2/3: (Brooklyn) Hoyt Street, Nevins Street, Atlantic Avenue, (Manhattan) 96th street, 125th street
No. 3: 145th Street
No. 4/5: Wall Street, Fulton Street
No. 6: Canal Street, Bleecker Street, Astor Place, 23rd Street, 28th Street, 51st Street, 59th Street, 103th Street, 110th Street, 116th Street
A: Columbus Circle
C: 135th Street
E: 34th Street, 42nd Street, 50th Street, (Queens) Jamaica Van Wyck
F: 23rd Street, (Queens) Jamaica 179 Street
J: Chambers Street
N: Prince Street, 28th Street
R: City Hall, Prince Street, 8th Street, 28th Street, 34th Street


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