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CBS' '60 Minutes' pays tribute to 'grouch in chief' Andy Rooney


rooney Credit: Getty Images

Remembered fondly as America's "grouch in chief," venerable and curmudgeonly commentator Andy Rooney was honored at the end of Sunday's "60 Minutes," following his death Friday at age 92.

Fellow CBS newsman Morley Safer paid tribute to his friend, who retired from the show in October and had spent 33 years complaining about the quirks of life in the news show's final segment.

Rooney became known for his prickly personality, taking aim at everything from paperweights to the cotton balls in medicine bottles.

"He was the voice - the loud whiny voice - speaking on behalf of citizens fed up with nearly everything," Safer said.

Rooney died from complications related to an undisclosed surgery. He's being buried in a family plot in upstate New York, near his hometown of Albany.

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