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CD Review: 'Palindrome Hunches' -- 3.5 stars

"Palindrome Hunches"

"Palindrome Hunches" Credit: "Palindrome Hunches"

'Palindrome Hunches'
3.5 stars

Neil Halstead brings a breezy, ethereal tone to his solo albums, the most recent of which shines brightly as the British singer continues to settle into a folk habitat. It's a far cry from his work with his shoegazer band Slowdive" and indie-rock group Mojave 3. "Palindrome Hunches" is a lush enterprise built on gentle, plucking melodies and Halstead's otherworldly vocals. It's a distinctly autumnal album, relaxed and introspective but still full of life. The dreamy folk of "Full Moon Rising" is built for walks in orange forests while tracks like "Hey Daydreamer" and "Bad Drugs and Minor Chords" pick up the pace and lighten the mood.

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