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CD Review: 'People Get Ready' -- 3 stars

People Get Ready

People Get Ready Credit: "People Get Ready"

'People Get Ready'
3 stars

The best possible name for a Curtis Mayfield cover band is not wasted on this new Brooklyn group, which consists of indie rock veterans Jen Goma (A Sunny Day in Glasgow), James Rickman (Slow Gherkin), Luke Fasano (Yeasayer), and Steven Reker, a dancer and musician who toured with David Byrne, the godfather of strange who has spoken well of this noteworthy debut. Together since late last year, PGR has made a name for themselves with their mesmerizing performances, which are mini-spectacles of rhythm, percussion, voice and body that allow their songs to double and triple themselves in weird pop fractals, each yelp and whoop emphasizing the humans at their heart.

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