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Website to open records in Central Park jogger case

New York City lawyers said in court Thursday the city will set up a public website with documents from the lawsuit brought by five men convicted and then exonerated in the Central Park jogger case that ended in a $41 million settlement.

Karen Dippold, a lawyer for the five, said the city and plaintiffs' representatives will go through 95 depositions and 200,000 pages of discovery documents -- some of which involve "people very high up in the office of the District Attorney and the NYPD" -- to agree on redactions. "It will take some time," she said.

Despite the settlement, the city has long maintained there was no misconduct in the case by police and prosecutors. The documents could help shed light on that claim.

After plans for a website were disclosed at a hearing in federal court in Manhattan, a spokesman for the city law department said in a statement, "The parties are working with the Court to make records of the case available to the public."

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