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Central Park Zoo peacock flies home


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Some of us, apparently, would rather sleep in the park than roost on the snooty Upper East Side.

The renegade peacock that took up residence Tuesday on the fifth floor window sill of a $20 million-per-apartment Fifth Avenue condominium fluttered brilliantly back to earth early Wednesday morning, landing right back in his ancestral home – the Central Park Zoo. Zookeepers then opened his enclosure and the bird simply strutted back in to his enclosure, according to published reports.

There is, apparently, no place like home.

Last Tuesday night, Central Park Zoo director Jeff Sailer prognosticated the peacock would return home on its own accord, saying, “Home is a short flight across the Aavenue and we think our peacock will make his way across soon. Once the bird is back in the park, we plan to recover him as quickly as possible.”

The bird’s return also comported with the prediction of peacock expert Dennis Fett, who told amNY yesterday “at some point, he’ll get hungry or thirsty and he’ll have to fly down.”

The peacock is the latest in a series of AWOL animals from the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the Central Park and Bronx zoos. In April, a tiny cobra escaped its cage in the Bronx Zoo and was on the lam in the Reptile House for a week before it was found. The next month, a 2-year-old peahen that escaped the zoo was corraled by an auto glazier on East Tremont Avenue.

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