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Charlie Sheen revives lost art of celeb hotel-room trashing



Charlie Sheen’s alleged $7,000 destruction of a Plaza Hotel room early yesterday — in the pink inner sanctum of fictional hotel resident Eloise no less — is the latest chapter in what was once a cliché of the hip and famous: trashing a hotel room.

And the 45-year-old’s antics, which featured a naked hooker screaming while his two young daughters, ages 5 and 6, and celebrity ex-wife Denise Richards were in a nearby room, might just make the greatest hits catalogue of hotel trashings. Still, it’s hard to top the time the Beastie Boys reportedly cut a hole in the floor of a Holiday Inn suite to get to the one below.

So whatever happened to the art of beating up hotel rooms?

“Sadly, I think people are less of a mess these days,” said Douglas Keeve, director of the documentary “Hotel Gramercy Park.” “Everybody these days is handled and managed.”

Sex Pistols rocker Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen stayed in the notoriously hard-partying Gramercy the night before Sid killed Nancy at the Hotel Chelsea. The Gramercy had kicked them out for bad behavior, which was a “rare” step by the hotel, Keeve said.

The rash of hotel trashings began in the 1970s, because it was novel and countercultural, said rock historian Richie Unterberger.

Sheen’s rampage did nothing to help his cred, however. He’s done rehab and was on probation following a domestic violence rap. He was hospitalized and later released amid reports that he admitted to doing cocaine, but his rep said he had a bad reaction to medicine.

Still, Sheen’s wreckage wouldn’t impress Roger Daltrey.

In 1994, The Who’s lead singer was at The Mark Hotel on the Upper East Side when Johnny Depp reportedly racked up nearly $10,000 in damage.

“It took him so bloody long. The Who could’ve done the job in one minute flat,” Daltrey reportedly said.


Hotel Horrors

Band members reportedly traveled regularly with chainsaws to damage hotel room furniture, and long extension cords so they could lob TVs out windows.

The Who
Drummer Keith Moon allegedly nailed hotel room furniture to the ceiling and blew up hotel toilets with sticks of dynamite. He celebrated his 21st birthday in 1967 by accidentally backing a Lincoln Continental into a Michigan hotel’s pool.

Amy Winehouse
The British pop queen reportedly flung a plate of spaghetti bolognese at the wall of a hotel room in Germany in 2007. Two months earlier, Winehouse racked up nearly $18,000 worth of damage to her room at London’s Sanderson hotel.

Marilyn Manson
In 1998, the rocker and his entourage allegedly set carpets ablaze and stained sinks with hair dye at a hotel in Poughkeepsie.


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