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Charlie Sheen slams CBS, touts self on media blitz


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Bad-boy Charlie Sheen continued his bizarre media rampage against CBS yesterday, slamming the network for canceling the season's final eight episodes of "Two and a Half Men" — and the tirade cost him his long-time publicist.

Sheen, 45, had a one-hour interview on "Piers Morgan Tonight," was featured in lengthy segments on NBC's "Today" and ABC's "Good Morning America" and gave a live, particularly strange talk to with his two "goddesses" on hand.

"I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin, a total frickin' rock star from Mars," he told "Today." "You can't process me with a normal brain."

Minutes after the TMZ interview, the website reported that Sheen's publicist of seven years, Stan Rosenfield, had resigned because he was "unable to work effectively as his publicist.

CBS cancelled the eight episodes because of Sheen's off-stage behavior, including a stint in rehab following a 36-hour alleged cocaine and hooker binge and radio rants against the show's creators last week. Sheen told "Today" that if CBS wants him back next season the network will have to pay him $3 million per episode, up from his current $2 million. reported that a lawyer for Sheen sent CBS a letter threatening legal action if it doesn't pay Sheen for the canceled episodes.

Sheen — who now lives with two girlfriends, his "goddesses" — may have a case because CBS had no legal right to can the episodes, according to entertainment lawyer Barry Rothman.

Given Sheen's tailspin, some have speculated his family may try to seize control of his assets. But Rothman said that would be "very difficult" because Sheen's competency hasn't been in question.

Image consultant Adam Kluger said that although Sheen is no stranger to controversy, this time is different because it could cost him his job.

"We've seen Charlie before, and he's had kind of isolated incidents, but now this has become a downward spiral," he said.

Still, Rothman said Sheen will probably come out the winner.

"Charlie Sheen will emerge as a bigger star than he's ever been after this controversy," he said. "He makes a lot of news."

CBS didn't return calls for comment.

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