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Cheap$kate: FREE events in NYC this weekend


amny Credit: amny

Dash Snow's 'Movie List'
Round out the year with some raunch. The Andrew Roth Gallery is displaying through tomorrow a collection of adult-film VHS sleeves collected by the late downtown artist Dash Snow while he spent time in Los Angeles. Snow dropped the project when the gold accents on the movie covers weren't reproduced the way he wanted by a New York copy shop. But now the project has been completed using the original maquette from Snow's estate. The exhibit includes the book of sleeves, titled "Movie List," as well as a selection of Snow's original zines and works inspired by some of his other fleeting obsessions. (Closes Friday, noon-5 p.m., FREE, Andrew Roth Gallery, 160A E. 70th St., 212-717-9067,

Holiday Music

FREE caroling at Gramercy Park
Get a rare glimpse into the little green oasis of Gramercy Park as it opens to the public on Christmas Eve for FREE caroling. The park is usually accessible only by about 400 keys in the possession of members of the Gramercy Park Block Association, which is composed of people who live in the buildings surrounding the park. Be sure to warm up those vocal cords! (Saturday evening, FREE, Gramercy Park, 20th and 21st sts. btwn Third Ave. and Park Ave. South, 212-260-3875,

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