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'Chinese mom' sparks heated parenting debate



Author Amy Chua, 48, has sparked a firestorm with her memoir “Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother” in which she trumpets the superiority of a strict Chinese upbringing that includes no playdates, no TV or computer games, no grades lower than an A and mandatory piano or violin lessons. The outrage continues:

“Like her approach or not, she fully believes in her kids. And from what I read … her kids rise to the occasion.” Lenore Skenazy, Free Range Kids, Jan. 18

“Three decades of research clearly suggests that such a narrow focus on achievement can produce wildly unhappy people.” Christine Carter, PhD., Huffington Post, Jan. 14

“What the “Chinese mom” debate swirling around Amy Chua’s book fails to adequately consider is the fact that American classrooms — and society in general — are more conducive to individual expression and innovation.” Melinda Liu, Daily Beast, Jan. 17


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