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Christie's invitation to move to New Jersey a 'political stunt,' says de Blasio camp

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Credit: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. (Getty)

Bill de Blasio yesterday brushed off New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s suggestion that New Yorkers chafing at the mayor-elect’s tax-the-rich plan should migrate across the Hudson.

“Governor Christie’s latest political stunt doesn’t merit a serious response,” de Blasio spokeswoman Lis Smith said yesterday. “New York City is the greatest city in the world and will continue to be under Mayor-elect de Blasio.”

Without mentioning de Blasio by name, Christie on Monday told a room of executives at The Wall Street Journal that “New York is moving in the wrong direction” and that “I do expect us to continue to be more competitive.”

Then came the invitation: “While I feel badly for New Yorkers, come to New Jersey.”

Democrat de Blasio, the city’s public advocate, and Republican Christie, the Garden State’s governor, each won landslide victories earlier this month.

De Blasio has proposed raising taxes on income over $500,000 by a half percentage point in order to expand universal prekindergarten and after-school programs. Christie boasted at the forum that he hasn’t raised taxes.

Here at amNewYork, we chime in with our own reasons why New York is better than New Jersey. Eight, to be exact:

1 Two words: “Jersey Shore.”

2: The New York Giants and New York Jets may play in New Jersey, but they’re too embarrassed to use it in their names.

3: The smell of New York’s subway system is slightly less offensive than the smell of Secaucus (but only slightly).

4: New Yorkers are competent enough to pump their own gas.

5: Three more words: New York pizza.

6: New Jersey is a suburb whose only real benefit is being a suburb of NYC.

7: New York is home to some of the country’s most exciting tech companies. New Jersey has …

8: NYC movies include “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “King Kong,” “Raging Bull,” “Annie Hall” and “Ghostbusters.” New Jersey has “Garden State.”

(Tim Herrera)

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