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Rachel Noerdlinger's beau invoked City Hall connection at ticket hearings

The boyfriend of embattled City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger twice invoked her connection to Mayor Bill de Blasio's wife while challenging more than $500 in tickets racked up on Noerdlinger's luxury car, according to recordings of the hearings.

"I'm always the operator. She's the chief of staff to the first lady, Chirlane McCray. I'm basically the driver," Hassaun McFarlan told one judge of the car's owner in July.

At a September hearing, without prompting, he mentioned the first lady, leading the judge there, Marisa Miranda, to snap, "I don't care about that!"

McFarlan, 36, an ex-con who is part of a controversy involving Noerdlinger, also tried to argue in July that he was a racial profiling victim.

"Is it evidence for consideration that police [are] lying because I'm black, and I drive nice cars?. . . I drive all exotic cars and I'm young," he said. "You being a black woman, I don't know, maybe you'll have some understanding that young men who drive nice cars are a little bit more you know, what's the word, detailed, or prioritized or profiled?"

Judge Blueth Bromfield didn't buy it. "Generally parking violations are not when you're in the vehicle," she said. "So they wouldn't know what color you were." She found him guilty. The tickets have not been paid, according to the city finance department.

McFarlan once referred to cops as "pigs" on his Facebook page. Noerdlinger distanced herself from those remarks. De Blasio declared her boyfriend's views irrelevant to her job.

McFarlan was driving Noerdlinger's Mercedes-Benz when traffic agents -- not police officers -- ticketed him on four dates in March and April for parking illegally in Harlem and the Bronx -- at an expired parking meter, in a crosswalk, and twice too close to a fire hydrant.

In May, a city camera videotaped the vehicle illegally using a bus lane. The outcome of the last case is still pending.

De Blasio spokeswoman Rebecca Katz said: "No one at City Hall, including Rachel, supports anti-cop views. The NYPD does a fantastic job serving the people of this city. And no one here condones attempts by anyone to get special treatment."

Noerdlinger, who is also a policy adviser to de Blasio, has faced repeated revelations about her finances and personal life in recent weeks. She didn't disclose, as required by law, that she lives with McFarlan, who served prison time for drug trafficking and manslaughter. She has a tax lien, credit debt, more than $7,000 owed for E-ZPass tolls and fees, and unpaid tickets. A note was put in her personnel file over the McFarlan disclosure omission, but de Blasio has said repeatedly he supports her.


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