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City statues get new duds, care of NBC


amny Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

George Washington: Super president!

You may have noticed that famous statues around town — including Washington, William Shakespeare and Harriet Tubman — had a new fashion accessory: black capes.

It’s not a hipster prank but an NBC campaign to promote its new superhero show, “The Cape.” The network ponied up a more than $120,000 to the city to make it happen.

Thirty statues in Manhattan and Brooklyn will wear the custom black capes through Sunday, when the show premieres, in the promotion between NBC and Department of Parks and Recreation.

The statues will each have a plaque describing the person’s greatest achievement.

“It’s a celebration of heroes,” said parks department spokeswoman Vickie Karp. “We might as well celebrate the real heroes around us, the ones portrayed in art and in popular entertainment.”

The money, she said, will go to conserving the statues, and will cover a full-time conservator and a summer program for grad students.

But Brooklyn’s official historian Ron Schweiger said the message might get lost because the statues aren’t of superheroes but real, historic people.

“These are a different type of heroes, so I can’t say I really get it,” he said. “But I don’t see any harm in it. The department could sure use the money.”

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