An MTA worker accused of staging a robbery of her Queens subway booth last weekend has been arrested and charged, authorities said.

Tracy King, 48, of Jamaica, Queens, is accused of lying to police -- claiming to be a victim when she was really "splitting the proceeds of the crime with an accomplice," the Queens district attorney's office said Wednesday.

King allegedly told police that a man shoved a gun in her face and demanded the cash from her booth in the 111th Street station on the No. 7 line.

Also arrested Wednesday was her alleged accomplice and friend of 10 years, Anthony Brown, 42, of Brooklyn. Authorities said Brown bound and gagged King with duct tape to make it look like a robbery, then grabbed about $4,000 in cash.

"They now face the likely prospect of significant time behind bars," District Attorney Richard Brown said.

King was charged with grand larceny, defrauding the government and conspiracy; Brown faces burglary, robbery, kidnapping, criminal impersonation and other charges.

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The DA's office said Brown has admitted to the crimes, telling police that King asked him if he "wanted to make money."

Authorities said Brown was tied to the scheme by fingerprints found on a plastic container taken from the subway booth. Police searching the apartment of Brown's girlfriend found $2,334 in cash and the MTA outfit he wore in the fake holdup, according to the DA's office.

King and Brown each face up to 7 years behind bars if convicted.

The MTA workers union declined to comment.