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Clinton will manage stress, but won't slow down

Former President Bill Clinton said yesterday that he will manage his stress better after undergoing a procedure to unclog a blocked artery but emphasized he has no intention of slowing down.

It would be a mistake to stop working, Clinton said at an event in Manhattan focusing on childhood obesity.

"I've been given this gift of life by my surgery five years ago, the medicine I take, the lifestyle changes I've made," he said. "I don't want to throw it away by being a vegetable. I want to do things with it every day."

Clinton said he would make changes like getting more sleep and being more disciplined about exercising every day. "I intend to continue to work as hard as I can, but I'm going to manage the stress better," he said.

The former president, who had a quadruple bypass more than five years ago, had a clogged artery opened last week after he felt discomfort in his chest. Tests showed that one of the bypasses from the surgery was completely blocked.

He said his hectic schedule in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti probably played a role.

"I didn't sleep much for a month; that probably accelerated what was already going on," Clinton said, adding it's not uncommon for bypasses like his to fail after some years. - AP

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