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CMJ live: Braids @ Rock Shop



Someone told me about this show: "This is the most promising band you'll see all week." He said this as he was leaving in the middle of their set, so I don't know what that means.

But it was a phenominal show. This foursome from Montreal (which included a pair of twins, I think) crafted an incredible half-hour of sound. I phrase it like that because, while there were individual songs, it felt more like we were watching the creation of an intricate and detailed soundscape.

To create this effect, they had an elaborate soundcheck beforehand — this was seriously the most involved check I've ever seen. But it paid off. Their effects-heavy production was seemless. Synths melted into voices into keys into a dreamy, bombastic sound.

The atmosphere was one of ethereal wonder, but that softness had a bite to it. This is kind of an embarrassing image, but I kept coming back to the idea of a mystical forest, where the creatures found within may or may not be friendly. I wasn't even going to commit this to public record, until I saw the promo photo above.

But, anyway, before I get too off track, they were great. The music defintely stayed with me way after the show was over. I highly recommend seeing them — they're playing 6 more times this week, so you have no excusse not to. (Check their sched here.)


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