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Column: Apple and Tesla contemplating the automotive if’s



My original opening to this article read like this: Apple is almost certainly not acquiring Tesla Motors.

But maybe it should.

It would be cool to imagine Elon Musk as Tim Cook's successor, wouldn't it?

On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Apple's top M&A guy, former Goldman Sachs banker Adrian Perica, met with Musk (and probably Tim Cook as well) last spring in Cupertino "around the same time analysts suggested Apple acquire the electric-car giant."

This is easily the most exciting Apple meeting news since Tim Cook palled around with Carl Icahn.

So what's all the hoopla about? After all, corporate honchos meet all the time to do research, discuss potential deals, and socialize.

Well, it's simple. We all like to play guessing games about what Apple's up to.

Full story at Minyanville.

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