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Column: Developers prefer Android to iOS, studies say



Back in November of last year, Business Insider determined that there was a staggering gap in developer revenue between Android and iOS platforms.

For every dollar that an average developer makes in revenue from an app that runs on an iPhone or iPad, an Android developer makes just $0.19 in revenue from the wide variety of Android devices. Although both mobile platforms are relatively on par when taking app revenue, advertising, developer fees, and commerce all into account, developers have to face a drastic cut in revenue should they choose Android over iOS.

And yet, a new study from Vision Mobile shows that more developers have chosen Android as their primary application platform over iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry.

According to the data, developers on average target roughly three platforms when designing an app. However, 34.4% choose Android as a starting point, whereas 32.7% begin with Apple's mobile OS. Coming in third are open HTML5 mobile apps with 17.3%, and Windows Phone apps scrape past BlackBerry with 4.5% to the latter's 4.2%.

Full story at  Minyanville.

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