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Column: Google continues to limit Chromecast’s potential



Back in May, I remarked how I had given up hope for Apple, Google, and Microsoft to deliver a better TV experience.

After gritting my teeth through Apple TV and Boxee Box ownership, it just seemed like tech players, both major and minor, could never get it together on the home entertainment front and would forever deliver stunted, hamstrung products that would never live up to their full potential.

Cut to the end of July when Google unveiled its unapologetically simple Chromecast. Not so much a set-top box as an HDMI dongle, the Chromecast didn't sport as many features as its HDTV compatriots and only supported Netflix , YouTube, and Google Play content, but at $35 with a drop-dead simple interface, Google had apparently hit upon a winner.

The response from users was immediately rabid -- both Amazon

and Best Buy couldn't keep it on the shelves for weeks -- and considering third parties were lining up to support the magic device, it appeared that Google had "cracked the code" to TV before Apple could.

Full story at Minyanville.

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