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Column: Google crushes dream of Android 4.4 KitKat



"Android 4.4 is designed to run fast, smooth, and responsively on a much broader range of devices than ever before -- including on millions of entry-level devices around the world that have as little as 512MB RAM."

In the days leading up to last week's highly anticipated update to the Android OS, analysts and Android users alike were ecstatic to hear that Google had designed Android 4.4 KitKat to run on low-end devices. Heralding it as a major blow in the company's fight against software fragmentation, everyone foresaw an Android dreamworld where dusty old devices bought on contract years ago would get a spit-polish directly from the company and run the latest and greatest of Google's mobile operating system.

And judging from the quote above, which was sent to developers upon KitKat's release, it seemed that Android's fragmentation woes would quickly become a thing of the past.

Full story at Minyanville.

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