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Column: The iPhone in China, and Apple's American opportunity



For the nation’s most popular smartphone, the iPhone 5S is a surprisingly elusive creature. Supply problems dogged the handset when it was first released, and by early November -- two months after launch -- wait times still exceeded two weeks. Like Sasquatch, the 5S was often seen but rarely caught, and only in the last month has it been reliably spotted at Apple stores around the country.

The iPhone 5C had no such problem. Apple’s mid-range smartphone has been readily available since September in five vivacious colors. Of course, it’s proven to be less popular than its big brother, which helps — but that’s not the only difference between the two. The 5S is assembled by Foxconn, a manufacturer that, according to the Fair Labor Association, is “largely complying” with Chinese labor laws; whereas the 5C is mostly sourced with Pegatron, which last week received scrutiny over the death of an underage worker.

Full story at Minyanville.

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