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Column: The Twitter IPO -- what you need to know



Yesterday afternoon, Twitter filed its S-1 with the SEC and that means planet Earth is about to be hit with the biggest IPO since Facebook's ill-fated baptism in 2012.

So let's get right to it -- here's what investors need to know about his deal:

Twitter learned a lot from the Facebook mess

First things first -- Twitter seems to have learned from Facebook's IPO debacle, which was derailed by three factors:

1. An overpricing of the deal at $38 per share in the face of then-weakening fundamentals.

2. A Nasdaq market glitch that mucked up the initial trading.

3. Controversy over selective disclosure after the IPO underwriters, led by Morgan Stanley, cut their Facebook estimates during the road show, but allegedly only told big clients.

Full story at Minyanville.

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