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Column: Twitter co-founder unveils Jelly, but to whom?



Last April, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone hinted at a new project he and his team were working on. Keeping things clandestine at first, he asked the question on his company blog, "What is Jelly?" In the months that followed, the answer was partially revealed in tiny fragments. It was to be a question-and-answer platform with a mobile approach.

This week, Jelly was revealed to be little more than that vague description.

Specifically, Jelly allows iOS and Android users to snap and upload photos to their social networks, utilizing a crowdsourced "group mind" to answer questions about the picture. For example, someone could take a photo of an unusual animal they see on a hike, upload the picture to Jelly, and ask their followers, "What in the world is this?" The app collects these photo queries and answers posted by their friends in a timeline, letting users mark their favorite responses and share them with others within and outside their particular social network.

Full story at Minyanville.

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