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Column: Yahoo is getting noticed again



The folks at Yahoo must have danced with joy when their new logo design was widely ridiculed and panned.

They had changed their logo. And somebody noticed.

Anybody who has ever worked at a web company on the skids knows that stopping that downward momentum is a near impossibility.

And yet, it looks like Marissa Mayer, in the CEO’s job only since July 2012, might have pulled it off. People are paying attention to Yahoo again.

A lot of those people are investors. The stock’s price has doubled during her time in the role, to $30.64 as of Monday’s close. That adds about $14 billion to shareholder value.

Over the past year, the company has gone on a massive shopping spree, buying up 19 mobile app and social media companies.

The most notable of these purchases was the micro-blogging platform Tumblr, and many of the others were talent purchases more than content acquisitions.

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