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Conservatives flip over health care Supreme Court decision

A women protests against the administration's health

A women protests against the administration's health care act. (Getty) Credit: A women protests against the administration's health care act. (Getty)

The Supreme Court's decision tolargely uphold the Obama administration's health care overhaul has sent much of America's conservative base reeling, arguing that it is unconstitutional and calling for the law's repeal.

"We believe that this is absolutely a misreading of the constitution," said Mike Gonzalez, spokesman for the D.C.-based conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation.

Like many fans of repealing the reform, Gonzalez expressed bewilderment that the court had made their decision on the basis of the law's tax clause, when the administration has publicly stated that the penalty fee that would be paid by the uninsured is not a tax. Some have called it a "loophole" or a judicial "overreach."

The Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian legal advocacy group, called the court's decision "alarming and deeply wrong."

"This administration has used health care law to become a dictator of conscience," said ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden.

Many of those upset by the decision flocked to Twitter and other social media outlets to vent their frustration.

"Are cops going to be asking for our health insurance cards now? 'License, registration and health insurance card, please.'" tweeted one Liberterian blogger.

Others vowed, somewhat ironically, to move to Canada, which has socialized medicine, in order to escape the law.  

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