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Cool gallery shows for February

Jaq Chartier

Jaq Chartier Credit: Jaq Chartier, “Large Spectrum Chart” (Courtesy Morgan Leman Gallery)

Armory Week is less than a month away, but you don’t have to wait until the first week of March to see fresh art. We’ve selected five gallery shows you need to pencil in now.

'Marcel Dzama: ‘Behind Every Curtain’

David Zwirner, 525 W. 19th St., 212-727-2070
Feb. 17-March 19
Marcel Dzama’s creepy-cute illustration style has many fans, both in the art and pop culture worlds. He designed the cover for Beck’s 2005 album “Guero,” and he’s also in big with the McSweeney’s crowd. The artist will be at the gallery March 5 for a book signing.

Tara Donovan: ‘Drawings (Pins)'

The Pace Gallery, 510 W. 25th St., 212-929-7000
Feb. 11-March 19
In recent years, Tara Donovan has shifted her practice from sculpture to drawing while still employing everyday found materials. For this show, her work reflects a series of personal inspirations rather than external circumstances or parameters.

‘Hey, Hot Shot! 2010 Showcase’

Jen Bekman Gallery, 6 Spring St., 212-219-0166
Feb. 5-March 6
Jen Bekman has a knack for finding young talent, and her annual photography showcase is always worth a look. The show featurs work by Laura Bell, Michael Bodiam, Amy Stevens, Zhijie Sui and Chikara Umihara.

Jaq Chartier: ‘Slow Color’

Morgan Leman Gallery 535 W. 22nd St., 6th fl., 212-268-6699
Feb. 24-April 2
Jaq Chartier’s paintings were inspired in part by images of DNA analysis. She places paint and stains on the canvas and allows them to migrate and interact, creating something that’s part science project, part work of art.

Sue De Beer

• Marianne Boesky, 509 W. 24th St., 212-680-9889
Feb. 18-March 19
• Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Ave.,
Video artist Sue De Beer has two exciting projects coming up. “Ghosts,” at the Armory, is a film about a hypnotist who returns memories to his patients. “Depiction of a Star Obscured by Another Figure” is De Beer’s first major installation that does not feature video; instead, it uses sculpture to explore the theme of ecplises.

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