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Cop takes bullet then shoots and kills suspect in subway shootout

subway shootout

subway shootout

An NYPD detective who was wounded while chasing a perp in a Harlem subway station and continued after the gunman and shot him dead Tuesday, returned home Wednesday morning.

Det. Kevin Herlihy, 47, was released from New York-Presbyterian Hospital shortly after 11 a.m., where he was pushed in a wheelchair through a corridor created by two rows of applauding police officers. Herlihy gave his colleagues a thumbs-up sign before entering a waiting van.

Herlihy was shot by Michael McBride, whom police were seeking for allegedly shooting his girlfriend's 25-year-old daughter in the head on Monday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Tuesday.

Kelly said McBride, 52,noticed he was under surveillance by four officers and tried to slip away by ducking into the 145th Street subway station. McBride fired off three-to-six shots with a 22-caliber revolver; one hit Herlihy in the left bicep.

The wounded detective continued his pursuit, Kelly said, firing off 13 rounds and hitting McBride in the chest. McBride collapsed as he tried to get out of the subway station, and was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

"We had another miraculous outcome today with an officer shot at close range - just 10 feet away -who not only survived, but was able to stop his assailant from shooting anyone else," said Kelly, referring to officer Kevin Brennan, who survived a gunshot to the head earlier this month. Kelly lauded the officers involved in Tuesday's chase for their "outstanding police work," and "good, old-fashioned courage."

Kelly added that the25-year-old woman McBride is accused of shooting is still in critical condition.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Herlihy, a father of three who lives in Nassau County, was expected to quickly recover at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital.

"I'm happy to say that all indications are that he will be able to walk out of here probably tomorrow and go home to his family," Bloomberg said in a news conference last night. "He is the kind of the detective that you want out there protecting us."

(With Tim Herrera and Newsday)


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