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Crisis averted, Obama says Americans 'completely fed up' with Washington


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UPDATED 7:25 P.M.: President Barack Obama scolded congressional Republicans on Thursday hours after a fiscal crisis was narrowly averted and called on his opponents to help repair the damage caused by a 16-day U.S. government shutdown and a close brush with a debt default.

Obama stressed that he is willing to work with lawmakers wherever they can agree, but the tone he struck amounted to a rebuke of Republicans, whom Americans largely blame for pushing the nation to the brink of an economic calamity.

“The American people are completely fed up with Washington,” Obama said in a White House speech.

Obama said events over the past two weeks had inflicted “completely unnecessary” damage on the U.S. economy.

Though bruised by the battle, Obama emerged as the clear winner.

He immediately sought to use the political capital gained to advance a domestic policy agenda centered around a fresh round of budget talks and an effort to win approval of two stalled items, immigration reform and a farm bill.

Obama issued an aggressive challenge to Congress, particularly the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, to work with him on issues critical to improving the economy.

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