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Crown Heights indie-rocker Helada Negro celebrates his new 'Invisible Life'

Helado Negro

Helado Negro Credit: Helado Negro

Though they are born as bits in his processors, the songs of Roberto Carlos Lange, aka Helado Negro, move with a natural grace. His meticulously built electronic atmospheres bloom and recede around his almost spectral Spanish vocals.

The Crown Heights resident marks the release of his third album "Invisible Life" with a release show Sunday at Glasslands.

amNY spoke with Lange.

How did you approach recording this album? I usually try to find one or two songs that I'm working on that lead the direction for the album. I think the song that helped me direct this one the most was "Lentamente." That song had seven or eight versions. There's a minimal version of it, an a cappella synth version of it, some weird guitar version of it, and this one, which was majorly synthesized. It ... opened up avenues for what the record was going to be.

What do you like best about your neighborhood? I think Crown Heights is great. It feels like a neighborhood that was designed to be a neighborhood. I think something awesome to point out, always, is the West Indian Day Parade. That's just a spectacle. It's fascinating to me at all types of levels. One just being music and sound ... it's so powerful that my house, the windows are rattling, the whole house is shaking.

If you go: Helado Negro is at Glasslands on Sunday at 8:30 p.m., 289 Kent Ave., Brooklyn,, $10.

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