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Cuomo peeved over rent law expiration; Bloomy pushes for same-sex marriage


cuomo Credit: Getty Images

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was furious with state Senators on Thursday for voting against a two-day emergency extension of rent control laws.

Cuomo chided legislators of both parties, calling their decision to vote down an extension late Wednesday night “unacceptable,” and threatened to keep them working past the session’s scheduled end on Monday.

Republicans want to keep the law as it stands and cap property taxes for homeowners, while Democrats want rent laws strengthened in favor of tenants.

Albany lawmakers still hadn’t reached any compromises as of Thursday evening, and a Senate aide said a vote probably wouldn’t happen until Monday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that although the expiration of the laws created “unnecessary uncertainty,” tenants shouldn’t be immediately impacted.

Bloomberg also met with Senators Thursday to lobby in support of Cuomo’s bill to legalize same-sex marriage. While the bill passed in the Democrat-led Assembly Wednesday, it had not been voted on in the Senate as of last night. One more Republican vote is needed for the bill to pass, since two Republicans have said they would support it and one Democrat, Ruben Diaz of the Bronx, said he would not.

"I asked them to follow their hearts and their principles, and if they do I believe New York will become the next state to pass marriage equality," Bloomberg told reporters.

Although it had been speculated that a vote could come on Friday, the Senate aide said it would likely not take place until next week.

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