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DA: 13 accused of selling drugs near Brooklyn schools

Prosecutors say 13 people have been arrested in a drug sweep and charged with allegedly selling narcotics at public housing facilities in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson says Thursday the arrests follow a nine-month investigation into drug sales near schools.

Officers made 27 undercover purchases since October 2014. Most of them occurred near two elementary schools.

The suspects were arrested Wednesday after police executed search warrants at the Bushwick and Borinquen Plaza housing developments.

During one raid, officers found 68 glassine envelopes of heroin and 10 grams of crack cocaine. Forty-nine grams of heroin were recovered during a separate search.

The 13 suspects face drug sale and drug possession charges. They are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

Prosecutors say more arrests are expected as part of the ongoing investigation.

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