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'Dark Knight Rises' recommended reading


Batman Credit: "Batman: Knightfall"

Want to dig deeper into the Batman mythos? Here are some graphic novels where you can learn more about his "Dark Knight Rises" villains Bane and Catwoman.

'Batman: Knightfall'
volumes 1 and 2
This monster-sized Batman crossover - each book clocks in at more than 600 pages, with a third volume due in September - tells the epic story line where Batman faces off against all his foes and has his back broken by Bane.
($29.99 each)

'Batman: Venom'
Learn about the origin of Venom, the super-strength drug Bane takes, as a distraught Bruce Wayne, looking to increase his abilities, becomes addicted to the drug after he wasn't able to save a young girl. ($14.99)

'Catwoman Vol. 1: Trail of the Catwoman'
This book collects a ton of excellent Catwoman comics that re-imagine the longtime Batman villain - and sometime passion - into a smart, sexy anti-hero. ($29.99)

'Batman versus Bane'
Check out Bane's first appearance, as well as a follow-up story line where he meets Ra's Al Ghul, the villain from "Batman Begins." ($14.99)

'Secret Six'
See a lighter - and strangely, more heroic - side of Bane in this clever series about a team of super villains. (Various books) 

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