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DEA agents charged with secretly running strip club that hired women in U.S. illegally

Two Drug Enforcement Administration agents, including a supervisor on the New York City organized crime strike force, were busted Wednesday for secretly running a New Jersey strip club that employed immigrants here illegally as dancers.

David Polos, a strike force official who retired in April, and communications specialist Glen Glover were charged in federal court in Manhattan with lying about ownership of the Twins Plus Go-Go Lounge in Hackensack on national security clearance forms.

Prosecutors said the club featured "scantily clad and sometimes topless" performers who provided "limited contact" lap dances and sometimes sexual acts in private stalls, and a remote-access video surveillance system that let the agents check in during work hours.

Polos, 51, of West Nyack, whose wife is an NYPD officer, and Glover, 45, of Lyndhurst, New Jersey, whose father was a DEA agent, were both released without bail after a brief court hearing. The DEA had no comment, but said Glover is on administrative leave.

Lawyers for both men said their clients were not guilty. "The charges are unwarranted and meritless, and we look forward to fighting those charges," said Polos' lawyer, Avi Moskowitz.

The complaint said Glover and a partner purchased the club in 2010, and Polos loaned them $50,000 with an option to convert it into an ownership stake. From 2011 to 2014 "Twins Plus" bank accounts received more than $600,000 in cash deposits from the business.

Glover, the complaint said, wore a bulletproof vest but kept his law enforcement ties secret. Polos displayed his badge, often flaunted his job -- even claiming at times he worked for the FBI -- and once showed off his gun during a dispute with a partner.

"This is the boss," he allegedly said. "I am the boss."

The complaint also said the agents knew many dancers were immigrants without legal papers from Brazil and Russia. In one text message during a visit by President Barack Obama to New York, it said, Polos joked about bringing him by to "check out" the women.

Although sex acts in the club were illegal, the complaint alleged that on one occasion Polos chastised a bouncer for "too aggressively checking the lap-dance area for wrongdoing and disrupting in-progress lap dances."

Officials said that if they disclosed their interest in the club, the two men would probably have been denied security clearances. They each face up to 5 years in prison.

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