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Designer John Galliano praises Hitler in shocking video


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A shocking video of slurring fashion designer John Galliano announcing his admiration for Hitler went viral yesterday, adding to the speculation that the flamboyant couturier will be permanently dumped from his 15-year helm at the House of Dior and still leaving unclear whether his latest collection will premiere in the upcoming Paris fashion shows.

In the undated video, which was filmed at a Parisienne café called La Perle, an obviously impaired Galliano, 50, says: “I love Hitler and people like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f------ gassed.”

Asked if he is in favor of peace, he slurs, “not with people, ugly people like you.”

The latest release comes on the heels of the infamously temperamental designer being suspended from Dior Friday, after reports that he grabbed an art historian’s hair and called her a whore “with a dirty Jew face” and threatened her boyfriend in the same Marais café.

Galliano – who has garbed celebrities ranging from Madonna to Nicole Kidman – filed defamation charges against curator Geraldine Bloch and her boyfriend, receptionist Philippe Virgitti, after the Thursday contretemps which, according the UK Daily Mail, resulted in criminal charges against Galliano.

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